If you are a retired member of the Australian Armed Forces then you should know that you are certainly not alone. Many Australian men and women think that there is no help for them out there when it comes to health care and they would be wrong. There are so many different care and support services currently available to both you and your dependents and if you’re not familiar with them then you should know that it covers your general practitioner, your dental care, community nursing and many others in your support services.

You can possess a gold card, white card and orange card, and these all entitle you to some level of essential veteran medical benefits. Not only are the services available to Australian veterans but also to veterans from certain overseas destinations as well. Even if you decide to relocate overseas to maybe spend your time with family members then you are also entitled to treatment there. If this is all very new to you then the following are just some of the additional services that are currently available to you.

  • Mental health conditions – It is understood that there is a lot going on inside the mind of an Australian veteran and so it is important that they get assistance with mental health issues. This is one time we definitely do not want to have to deal with the symptoms all by ourselves and so it is reassuring to know that there is help there if you just ask for it.
  • Transport for your treatment – If you don’t have your own vehicle or you have some kind of disability that doesn’t allow you to drive then you need to know about the repatriation transport scheme that is available to all veterans. This is transport that takes you from your place of residence to where it is that you are receiving your medical treatment.

There is also rehabilitation support and services made available to you which can help you recover from any injuries or any diseases that you have suffered. You can also receive incapacity benefits due to your inability to not be able to work or to only be able to work for short periods. You can also claim for financial support while you’re waiting for a claim of yours to be processed and so this provides you with income while a decision is made.