Substance abuse is one of the societal issues that have continued to derail most established economies globally, including the United States. The Ascendant New York center was established to serve the Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and the surrounding areas regarding substance abuse treatment. As seen at, the experts at Ascendant believe that the journey to substance abuse recovery is based on personal decisions.

If you decide to eliminate the use of harmful substances from your life, it means you can begin the path of experiencing a satisfying, complete, and healthy life. The first recovery step is receiving a medically supervised and safe inpatient drug detox program at Ascendant New York facility because they offer an environment that is discreet, comfortable, and peaceful.

Commonly abused drugs 


Alcohol is one of the depressants which can suppress your critical physical and cognitive functions. Most people abuse this drug because of its social acceptance and wide availability. Unfortunately, consumption of alcohol results in physical withdrawal symptoms, including insomnia, tremors, and nausea. In severe cases, alcohol can contribute to fevers, racing heartbeat, and high blood pressure.


The benzodiazepine drug is typically prescribed to help in treating conditions such as anxiety and sleep disorder. However, the drug is highly addictive and can result in misuse and overuse. If you abuse, the benzodiazepine drug can experience muscle pain, headaches, anxiety attacks, and hypertension. Repeated episodes of seizure and psychosis characterize the most severe signs.


Opiate is one of the highly addictive drugs, which includes synthetic opioids, heroin, and pain killers. Unfortunately, in the United States, the abuse of opioids can continue to increase at an unprecedented rate, and the nation has declared a state of emergency because of the considerable risk associated with addiction. For instance, approximately two million Americans have been reported to face opioid addiction, and research indicates that more than 100 people die daily because of opioid abuse.

Why seek substance abuse treatment from a licensed facility

In addressing alcohol, benzodiazepine, and opiate addition, the use of state-of-the-art medical treatments assists in alleviating the associated unpleasant symptoms while minimizing mental and physical dependence. When administering treatment, doctors might recommend that you stay within the facility for proper monitoring. The length of stay at a treatment facility will depend on the substance that you are abusing. Averagely, you can stay between four to seven days, but you might stay longer based on your needs. Fortunately, the treatment facility provides a private room to help in your psychological comfort while undergoing the detoxing process.

 A certified substance abuse treatment facility has a highly qualified clinical staff that will continually monitor your condition and prescribe medications required to address the discomforts associated with the withdrawal symptoms. Most importantly, the facility will employ state-of-the-art medical treatments that the organization has established to address every symptom associated with the specific addictive substance effectively. Depending on your need, the treatment for drug abuse can include intravenous or oral medications. The facility also provides other treatments such as counseling, yoga, and message if the initial withdrawal symptoms attenuate. In addition, the holistic treatment options provided by qualified physicians ensure that patients receive the spiritual, emotional, and mental support they need to speed up their wellness journey. In summation, their diverse therapeutic mechanisms ensure that patients access several options which can support their substance abuse recovery.

In most cases, a certified facility will allow admissions on all seven days of the week to receive treatment at the appropriate time for you. You can start the admission process by calling their facility or using their web-based submission form. Further, a licensed facility will have qualified specialists who are always available and willing to answer the questions you have regarding substance abuse treatment scheduling and length.

If you seek to live a life free from drug abuse, the inpatient drug detox programs at Ascendant New York promise the best treatment experience above your expectations. Once you visit the rehab facility, you will realize that they offer the high-quality rehabilitation services you need and deserve.