If you are having trouble achieving an erection, your primary care doctor will probably recommend you try erectile dysfunction medication. While ED isn’t a curable condition, treatment can help you maintain an erection. These drugs are generally safe and effective in treating most ED cases. However, a doctor may recommend different treatments for different ED conditions. If you suspect that stress is the cause of your erectile dysfunction, talk to your primary care physician about dose of Cialis.

Some men experience erectile dysfunction as a symptom of a more serious condition. This condition can result from other medical problems such as blood vessel disease. It is a warning sign of heart disease and other serious illnesses. Your doctor can prescribe you medication to treat your erectile dysfunction based on the cause of your symptoms. In addition to medications, your doctor can also recommend a medical procedure to treat the problem.

While occasional erectile dysfunction is completely normal, ongoing problems are a sign of a more serious condition. Your doctor will investigate if there are any underlying medical issues. If your symptoms are accompanied by a fever, high blood pressure, or a high cholesterol level, your doctor can prescribe an erectile dysfunction medication. If your doctor suspects a serious underlying medical problem, he may prescribe you a treatment such as Levitra or Cialis.

Some men may opt for herbal Viagra. This is an alternative to Viagra, but it does not work for everyone. Moreover, herbal products may contain harmful ingredients. If your GP suspects erectile dysfunction, he will refer you to a specialist for further testing. Thankfully, treatment options for this disorder have improved significantly over the past few years. Most erectile dysfunction medications involve a combination of lifestyle changes and psychological remedies.

If you want to try erectile dysfunction medication, talk to your doctor about the right dosage for your specific condition. It is important to understand that these drugs have side effects in less than 2 percent of men. It’s best to start on a standard dosage and only increase it if you’re having trouble with the symptoms. And, don’t forget to try different tablets. You should never take more than one tablet within 24 hours without consulting your doctor first.

Among the long-acting erectile dysfunction medications, Viagra is one of the best-known ones. It works by opening the blood vessels in the penis, allowing for a sustained erection. It’s better than other ED medications for older men or those with health risks. It also increases the blood flow to the penis and helps you maintain the erection. It is especially effective for men over 50 and those with other health issues.

If you’re worried about side effects, try taking a test-free trial of erectile dysfunction medications. You may be surprised at how quickly you get an erection after taking one medication. The drug may be right for you if it has increased sexual confidence and lowered the chance of an embarrassing fall. It is important to discuss side effects with your doctor and learn all the options available for your erectile dysfunction.