The world of vaping has changed massively since e-cigarettes were first introduced to Europe in 2006. The available vaping devices are varied and diverse, and the e-liquids that are available to purchase come in a rainbow of different flavours. Gone are the days when the vape juice is tasteless or tastes of tobacco, and there is currently a myriad of flavours available, including a few extreme ones. Below are some of the strangest e-liquids that you can buy, which will either get your taste buds tingling or make you want to vomit.

Ashtray Flavour E-Liquid

You can buy e-liquid in various flavours, and you often think of fruity, or dessert orientated flavour profiles when you think of vape juice. However, some disturbed individual thought it would be an excellent idea to create an e-liquid that tastes like an ashtray. Although there are no reviews of this flavour, I think it is safe to say that this one will not be a hit unless someone uses it to stop vaping completely!

Nacho Cheese Flavour E-Liquid

Almost everyone loves the taste of nacho cheese, even lactose intolerant people, but when it comes to making it into an e-liquid, it is not a flavour that would immediately spring to mind. Someone thought it sounded like an excellent idea, and the nacho cheese vape juice was concocted, unfortunately. Even an avid cheese lover will find the taste of this e-liquid unpalatable, and it does not taste anything like nacho cheese and is more like burnt vegetables.

Garlic Flavour E-Liquid

Garlic is a flavour that people either love or hate, and you can like the taste of garlic but hate the smell, and there is nothing worse than someone with garlic breath. Some bright spark still had the idea to create garlic vape juice, and this nostril closing e-liquid was made. Some users describe it as a taste that will knock your socks off, but the intense aroma of the vape juice may be too overpowering for you to try, and you certainly do not want to vape this in public.

Black Pepper Flavour E-Liquid

Another strange flavour concoction of vape juice you may or may not want to try, is black pepper. Many of us love the spice of black pepper and it is added to millions of meals every day. However, it is not a flavour profile I thought would even be available to vape, although looking at the reviews it seems to have been a hit.

Crab Legs Flavour E-Liquid

If you love your seafood, you may be interested in the crab legs flavour e-liquid available to purchase. When you open the vape juice, you are confronted with the smell of a fish market, and it is no different in taste when you vape it. Whether you love crab legs or not, you may find the smell and taste of the vape juice overpowering and not a pleasant experience.

The flavours of e-liquid above will show you that there is something for everyone. However, if you are using vaping to help you quit smoking, you may wish to select a different flavour profile, or it may push you back to smoking cigarettes again.