There are more and more people who are seeing the use of marijuana as not as a necessity but as a need. But despite it being legalized to different cities and countries around the world, there are still a lot of people who think that marijuana serves people with no good at all.

They might be sharing these sentiments because they have had a bad encounter with a person using marijuana. True, that if it is used improperly or more than it is supposed to, it may not be good not just for the health but the person’s overall being. Using marijuana, at the right amount, will surely give users wonders both on their health and being.

If you are planning to use marijuana to treat a medical condition, it is best to consult a doctor who is practicing the use of marijuana to treat their patients, so you can take only the right dosage. For leisure, going more than what you are supposed to must be avoided as if this you do, you might lose your control, and unfortunately, do things you do not mean to.

Moving on, before you finally decide on using marijuana, asking questions is what you need to do first. To help you start up, here are some questions best to ask before taking your first marijuana dose:

What is your intention of using marijuana?

What relationship do you want to build with marijuana? What is your purpose for using this? First and foremost, before you decide on hitting a dose of marijuana, you need to initially establish your reason for using it.

What do you want to achieve from using it?

  • To feel relaxed and calm
  • Reduce depression, anxiety and worries
  • To socialize more
  • Reduce physical pain

What are the things you do not want to experience when using marijuana?

  • Lose control
  • Experience anxiety
  • Have memory issues
  • Impact school, work and/or relationships negatively

By assessing the above, you would know the kind, type and dosage of marijuana you can take.

How discreet do you want this to be?

Do you want to keep your marijuana usage in private or is it okay to smoke and chew marijuana in your living room? If you want it discreetly, it is best if you place your orders online to avoid being exposed to the public while buying your marijuana supplies.

Are you living in a state where marijuana is legalized?

Actually, this is one of the first questions you need to ask, is marijuana legalized in the state where you are located. Do not assume that since the state next to you allows its people to use marijuana, this same goes to the state where you are located. You have to know if it is legal or not to avoid any legal responsibilities.

Where do you plan to buy your supplies?

There are a lot of dispensaries around, and looking for the shop where to request for cannabis delivery surrey should not be done in a rush. You have to make sure that the shop is the best or else, you might end up using marijuana that is far below your standards.