Becoming a physical therapy assistant is quite a creditable aspiration to dwell on. This is especially true if you’re such a person that loves to help people, ensuring that their health gets better. Irrespective of how intense your desire may be, you may not be able to do this without getting a degree and a practicing license – this is where the PTA board exam finds its significance. So, once you have your physical therapy degree in sight, the next thing you will need to prepare for is the PTA exam. You should have your practicing license after passing this exam – provided you meet certain requirements set by your state’s licensing authority.

How do I apply for the PTA exam?

Applying for the PTA exam is basically done through the portal of the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT). However, before you can apply for the PTA exam, you will need to have created and completed your FSBPT profile. After this is done – with an email sent to that effect – you can look forward to registering for the PTA exam. You should note that your registration will be based on the status of your graduation from the degree (that physical therapy) program you’re undertaking. You can get to check the progress, concerning the date you’ve been scheduled for the exam, through your dashboard on the FSBT portal. You will also be provided with an Authorization to Test notification confirming that you’ve been scheduled to sit for the PTA exam

How much does it cost?

Ordinarily, the PTA exam cost around US$485. There are, however, other costs that may apply, and this could vary from one state to another. For instance, a jurisprudence assessment module fee of US$48 or US$65 might be added as some states are concerned, and there’s a 1.6% processing attached. There are yet some cost implications that might be associated with the PTA exam, and this basically spending on study materials.

How long does the PTA exam take?

The exam, on its own, takes around 4 hours although there’s an additional 30 minutes for break, pre-exam tutorial, and post-exam survey. Within the 4 hours stipulated for the exam, you will be required to attempt 250 multiple-choice questions.

What is the minimum pass mark for the PTA exam?

You will need to have a minimum score of 600 points to be considered on the list of successful candidates who are qualified to obtain their practicing license. PTA is usually scored between 200 – 800 points.

What happens if one fails the PTA exam?

Well, failure at the first attempt should leave you overly dejected. This is because you can look to take the exam again in some months’ time as the PTA exam board permits candidates to take the exam three times within 12 months.


Now that you’ve known more about the PTA exam, you can start making plans towards sitting for yours. You can get on it by obtaining the necessary study materials and you should also try to get some relevant information pertaining to the examination from others – those who might have completed, if possible.