A great smile looks aesthetically pleasing and sparks confidence. For most people, a beautiful smile means crystal white and sparkling teeth. There are several teeth whitening options; however, laser teeth whitening is a preferred option by a family dentist in Dacula, GA, as it lasts longer and is a safer option. If you think laser treatment is safe for teeth whitening, we’ve got you covered. This article is a complete guide about laser teeth whitening. Let’s dive in! 

What is laser teeth whitening? 

Laser teeth whitening is a dental procedure performed by healthcare experts to improve teeth whiteness. It is an advanced technique for applying an activated gel over the teeth. This gel contains an oxidizing agent which penetrates deep into the teeth and gives a white appearance. 

The laser teeth whitening procedure is 100% secure and painless as protective measures, including eye protection and oral mucosa isolation, are implemented. Generally, the procedure takes around 40 minutes to complete and lasts for years. 

Benefits of laser teeth whitening

Here are the top benefits of laser teeth whitening: 

1. Long-lasting results 

Laser teeth whitening promises long-lasting results, ensuring that your teeth are sparkly white and the yellow tint does not come back. 

2. Enamel strengthening 

According to a study, laser teeth whitening treatment strengthens your teeth enamel by 37%, ensuring your teeth do not get chipped or broken. 

3. Minimal discomfort 

During the procedure, you will experience minimal discomfort as the laser treatment restricts any potential risk factors like enamel damage, risk of cavities, and more, ensuring maximum comfort. 

4. Comprehensive whitening 

Another major advantage of laser teeth whitening is it promises comprehensive whitening, ensuring uniform whitening on all sides of your teeth. 

Is laser teeth whitening safe? 

Yes, laser teeth whitening is safe if you’re getting it done by experts. The laser beam eliminates any chances of enamel damage and promotes uniform teeth whitening. 

Who should avoid laser teeth whitening? 

Although laser teeth whitening is safe for everyone. However, there are exceptional cases in which you should avoid laser teeth whitening: 

  • Below 16 years of age
  • During breastfeeding or pregnancy 
  • Inflammation in gums or oral cavity 
  • Allergy to whitening gel 
  • Several teeth with fillings 
  • Wearing braces 

Wrapping Up 

Laser teeth whitening is a popular and commonly performed treatment that is completely safe when performed by experts.