Commercially-available disinfecting solutions are used on a large scale. But here’s the problem: Although they do kill fungus, bacteria, viruses, and harmful spores, it’s undesirable qualities and aftereffects are striking. It irritates the skin and eyes, and has a powerful smell that some humans and pets might find intolerable. Imagine using a fogger to spray such disinfectant over a large area – such as inside a school or hospital wards. Effective, but consequential. Inhabitants are likely to feel the lingering effects for a long time.

So, what’s the option? Hypochlorous acid products.

Why Use Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) products?

Why? First, studies have documented that HOCL is a more potent disinfectant – between 80 to 200 times – than many traditional disinfectants.  That feature alone convinces a growing number of businesses to adopt it as their cleansing method of choice.  But HOCL is also a nontoxic choice, making it safe for all human and pet-life. The technology behind the machines, used to produce HOCL, is safe too, and uses every day, household products – water, salt, and electricity – to produce a powerful disinfectant.

These products are now widely adopted, largely because they’re more effective. Evolution in technology has also made the bulk, local production of HOCL more convenient and more cost-effective. Using mass-application HOCL products, like an hypochlorous acid fogger, businesses can quickly and effectively sanitize and cleanse vast areas with no risk of lingering after effects. Depending on the type of application, these products also don’t require large footprints to install and use. In fact, residential or small-scale commercial businesses may even choose portable HOCL generating products that may be plugged-in like an electric kettle or a coffee machine.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Strategy: Products Worth Considering

HOCL-generating products are the ideal weapon for any residential, commercial, or industrial cleansing and disinfecting protocol. As part of a wider sanitization protocol, hypochlorous acid products hit hard against Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites, and Prions. Yet, devastating as they are against a range of illness causing Pathogens, these products, and the HOCL they generate, are 100% safe for humans, plants, and pets.

When shopping for HOCL makers, it’s important go with manufacturers with a track record of proven technologies. Currently, Electrolysis is one of the most well-regarded technologies used to manufacture HOCL machines.  ECOLOXTECH electrolysis systems are capable of generating neutral-to-acidic electrolyzed water (anolyte) for cleaning & sanitation and for water disinfection.

When it comes to the effective dispensing of disinfectants over a large surface – like Cruise ships or movie theatres, most cleansing and sanitization strategies face one major challenge: Some spaces on the premises are extremely hard to access – like beneath decks or under seats and shelves. Using a hypochlorous acid fogger for these applications is highly recommended.

Ultra Low Volume (ULV) cold foggers have been in use for decades in spraying pesticides in fields and farms. But now, thanks to revolutionary technologies, the ULV cold fogger for spraying hypochlorous acid has become one of the most adopted products in the fight against viruses, germs, and other human pathogens across a broad spectrum of industries.