You have worked hard all your life and are now determined to enjoy your retirement for as long as possible. An active life, carrying out manual labour and playing sport has had its effects on your body as you now shuffle rather than run.

A friend at the social club offered you some excellent advice which you have taken up and are now reaping the benefits after contacting the number one stairlift engineer Market Harborough has to offer.

  • You immediately received quality customer service from the family run firm, with a free consultation backed up by a quick no fuss and clean fitting. The stairlift fits perfectly into the space available and suits its surroundings.
  • The after-sales support has been second to none, when you had to telephone regarding a technical issue. An engineer was round in no time to sort out the issue.
  • The folding-hinge stairlift ensures that the narrow gap at the bottom of the stairs is negotiated without a problem.
  • You had the option of buying your new stairlift, or going for a reconditioned model, or even trying one out by renting for an initial period.
  • You are impressed that all stairlifts receive a full warranty, with yours been covered for 5 years.
  • In an instant you enjoy having to go upstairs, which had become a real chore, and a painful one at that.

Purchasing a stairlift from an expert company has improved your daily existence, state of mind, and helped add years of happiness to your life.