CBD is one of the chemical compounds found in marijuana and hemp plants. It is also known as cannabidiol. But some people misguide it with THC. Unlike THC, CBD does not let you high, or we can say it is not psychoactive. Instead, the cannabinoid is an extraction from a strain of industrial-grade hemp that offers hundreds of benefits.

When you buy weed you will get to know that it is best known for everything from pain, aches, depression, anxiety, sleep disorder, and many more.

Here are some unique ways of consuming CBD, which are quite different from the traditional methods. These different modes of consuming CBD not only add flavor to your taste but also improve your experience.

CBD Tincture

CBD tincture is a great way to which we can consume different ingredients of CBD like Alcohol and add flavors to it to make it tastier. In addition to this, you can also use other dissolving solutions like ethanol, glycerin, Vegetable oil, and coconut oil. In this process of consuming CBD through tincture, you may need a dropper. It is needed to administer the number of drops of CBD infused formula.

CBD tincture is a formula that helps your body in faster intake of CBD directly in the bloodstream. Taking a daily dose of CBD is the quickest and easiest way to consume CBD tincture.

CBD edible

CBD edibles are the more convenient way if you want to have a quick start on your day. A little amount of activated CBD is enough to be added to food items to get an instant edible experience. It is the easiest way, so most of the people incorporate CBD into edibles. This is why many companies add CBD to food. You can find so many edibles in the market, which include candies, gummies, Gums, Toffees, chocolates that inhibit CBD in them. You can also buy weed infused beverages like Tea, coffee, milkshakes, and many others.

Due to this, many medical users rely on CBD edibles for relieving Pain, especially when they contained THC.


Blunts seem similar to joints as cigars are to a cigarette. However, it is much way similar to cigars, but the only difference is that it has had removed tobacco. Instead of tobacco, blunts are refilled with Cannabis. It also adds extra buzz and flavors, which many smokers love as it enhances their smoking experience.


Bongs are a type of water pipe that more experienced smokers use to get flavored cannabis flowers. It comes up in various sizes and designs; choose according to your needs and preference. It cools the smoke with the help of water before it hits your lungs. This makes the smoke easier to inhale.


It is equipment that lies between traditional glass pipes and water pipes. If we talked about its size, it is smaller than a bong but a little bigger than an average size bowl. It works similar to a traditional glass pipe and uses water in the same way. It is a great option for beginners and medium doses as it is easy to use.

These are some of the healthier ways of consuming CBD, so you can buy weed from any recognized store.