Relex smile is one of the newest ways of correcting minor to moderate imperfections of the eyes, such as raised areas, squinting or lazy eyes, under-eye circles, and folds, or crookedly shaped pupils. It is also called laser vision correction because laser light is used during the procedure.


If you are thinking about having a surgical procedure done called relex smile or lenticule extraction, it is important to talk to your eye doctor to find out the pros and cons of these surgeries. While these two procedures have different techniques, both are effective in correcting various visual flaws and should lead to the patient feeling happy with the results of their appearance.


So why Relex? Is the Relex Smile Procedure different than the LASIK that is used for reshaping the cornea? Well, the primary difference is the fact that the surgical solution used is much smaller, making it easier to reshape the cornea and therefore correcting vision problems much easier. However, other than that, the two eye procedures are very similar in many ways.


The other reason why the Relex SMILE procedure is used so often is that it actually corrects more than one eye. Although in most cases it corrects just one eye, if done properly it can also correct both hyperopia refractive errors and myopia refractive errors at the same time.