Elf bars and disposable vape kits have become quite popular these days. They are gaining a lot of popularity among ex-smokers. The elf bar is a small kit that is easy to carry around. It is nothing similar to those bulky cigar boxes that people usually carry.

An elf bar works on a battery of 550 Mah. It doesn’t seem a lot but it is good enough to have 2 ml of liquid consumed without charging at all. Elf bars are very similar to other disposable vape kits that use 20 mg of salt nicotine instead of using freebase nicotine. Salt nicotines are easily absorbed into the blood a lot faster in comparison to free nicotine. You would get a feeling similar to that of smoking a real cigarette. It would easily soothe your cravings..!

Are disposable vapes and elf bars the same?

A disposable vape is a kind of non-rechargeable device which is charged prior and is already full of e-liquid. The only difference is that you do not recharge or refill the disposable vapes. One also does not need to replace the coils. If there is no more liquid left you simply have to throw it away.

However, elf bars can be recharged. They usually run on batteries. So, this is the basic difference between elf bars and disposable vapes. But people can say that elf bars are a kind of disposable vape.

How many puffs can you get out of an elf bar?

An elf bar can last for 600 puffs. This is almost the same as having 50 real cigarettes or just 20 whole packs of cigars. Many believe that disposable vapes are the modern way of giving up smoking.

How is the experience of using disposable vapes?

Disposable vape is an easier option and it is affordable at the same time. Many people get to experience the same smoking-like feeling which helps them to finally quit smoking. It might not be easy but with time people gradually give up on smoking. A disposable vape doesn’t have any traditional mod or any buttons at all. The only thing you need to do is inhale and make it look easy for those who want to give up smoking easily without any hassle.

Some people prefer customizing vaping experience which can be great as well. A disposable vape is an ideal one for those who would want some easy options to vape instead of getting involved in any kind of complications.

How do disposable vapes work?

Like you would inhale a lit cigarette, a disposable vape uk e-liquid is inhaled. There is no need to press any button or even charge up a disposable vape or refill it any time. The battery cigarette has a coil that completely evaporates the e-liquid which is present within it. A disposable vape can easily last for 300 puffs based on the vape style.

Do disposable e-cigs create huge clouds?

Such e-cigs are not made to create huge clouds. Large clouds are created only when high VG e-liquid and a coil of a high watt. Other things which matter are whether you can customize the airflow of the vape device.

A disposable e-cig is not customizable. It is a small and temporary device so it will not produce large clouds. If you are willing to create large clouds of vapor while vaping then you can try one with a larger mod and high VG liquid. Disposable vapes are the best ones for those who want to give away nicotine conveniently and easily. There is no need to worry about settings and other accessories.


Elf bars are a lot safer than any other sort of vape kit. These things are tested and built to high standards. The only difference between such disposable vape uk and traditional vape kits is that they come in assembled units that are ready for use. Elf bars and other vape products are best suited for adults who are trying to quit smoking.