Covid-19 has been a big challenge for employers. One of their top priorities should be to keep employees safe, but of course, you also want to be able to run your business as usual and cause minimal disruption. Here are some easy ways to keep employees safe, without inconveniencing people.

  1. Supply PPE to staff and customers

PPE is important to stop the spread of Coronavirus, especially for those who are working face to face with other employees or customers. Face coverings are perhaps the most important piece of PPE, so make sure you order in bulk through face masks suppliers so that nobody is left without a covering when they need one. You can also make sure people are using quality masks, rather than the cheap coverings some people use.

  1. Put up screens

If you have a space where people are coming and going all the time, and it’s hard to get them to socially distance, then screens are a good idea for extra protection. Many shops now have screens, and with employees wearing wholesale reusable face masks and regularly washing their hands, they will be well protected, so you can feel confident you’ve done all you can.

  1. Allow home working if possible

While it’s not always possible in some industries, home working should be encouraged as much as you can. You can make home working easier by:

  • Providing laptops for work use at home
  • Ensuring you have a fast, reliable network
  • Ensuring your network is secure
  • Setting up regular video call meetings so the team can stay in touch

Home working isn’t easy if you aren’t used to it, but many companies are finding that it has a number of benefits. Not only does it keep your employees safe and less likely to catch Covid-19, it also means they can be more productive, without the usual distractions that can occur in an office environment.

All employers need to focus on employee safety during this pandemic. While putting in safety measures is no guarantee your employees will be completely safe, it gives you the best possible chance of keeping them healthy. In many areas, things like face coverings and screens are also a legal requirement, so you’ll need to make sure you comply, otherwise you can risk a fine. Therefore, it’s worth ensuring you do whatever you can for their safety and to avoid the worst happening.